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Quick Facts
TypeSyllabic Alphabetic
LocationSouth Asia
Time17th to 20th century CE
DirectionLeft to Right

The Modi script was used to write the Marathi language spoken in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It originated as a cursive variant of the script during the 17th century CE. Modi was used until the 1950's when Devanagari replaced it as the written medium of the Marathi language.

The following is the basic Modi script.

Typical of South Asian scripts, a "consonant" Modi letter is in fact the consonant followed by the inherent vowel /a/. To represent a vowel other than /a/, additional strokes called matras are added to the basic letter.

Usually the same stroke form is used for the same vowel across all letters of the script, but in the case of Modi (and a few other South Asian scripts as well) different stroke forms exist to represent the same vowel in different letters. In the following example you can see how the vowels /a:/ and /u/ have different stroke forms for the letters /k/, /c/, and /gh/.

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