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Quick Facts
TypeSyllabic Alphabetic
LocationSouth Asia
Time14th century CE to Present
DirectionLeft to Right

The Kashmiri script is essentially the modern version of the Sarada script. All letters have nearly identical shape to their counterparts in Sarada.

The spoken language of Kashmiri can be heard in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as immediately nearby areas in both India and Pakistan. One fact so typical of this politically charged area is that the Kashmiri language is spoken by both Hindus and Muslims, but each group would write the language with a different script. The use of the Kashmiri script to write the Kashmiri language is mostly confined to Hindus, while Muslims would write the Kashmiri language with an Arabic-derived alphabet (such as the one for Urdu).

The following is the basic Kashmiri script.

Vowels and other attachments:

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