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Quick Facts
TypeC&V Alphabetic
GenealogyProto-Sinaitic > Greek
LocationEurope > Italy
Time400 BCE to 250 BCE
DirectionRight to Left

The Faliscans were one of the many ethnic groups of ancient Italy before the Romans dominated the peninsula. In fact, they were not terribly different from the Romans. Both held small territories but lived under the aegis the Etruscans. The Faliscans were neighbors of the Romans, as their main city, Falerii (now Cívita Castellana), was only 72 km (or 45 miles) from Rome. The Faliscan language was also the closest language to Latin within the larger Italic language branch of the Indo-European family.

Like the Romans, the Faliscans also adapted the Etruscan alphabet for their language. However, the Faliscan language is not too well-known, as only 100 inscriptions have been found in the area surrounding Cívita Castellana.

The following is the Faliscan alphabet.

Like other ethnic groups of pre-Roman Italy, the Faliscan language and script ceased from use as the Roman state conquered the Peninsula. Because of their proximity to Rome, the Faliscans became homogenized as Romans much earlier than other groups such as Etruscans and Oscans. After 250 BCE, the Faliscan culture disappeared from history.

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