Receiving an email is always a pleasant surprise. I welcome all kinds of email, anything like:

  • Site bugs... please tell me so I can squish them
  • Questions about topics not covered on the website
  • Conversation about languages and writing systems
  • Telling me about cool links
  • Dropping me a note telling me that you're using the site for any reason

However, my life has becoming extremely hectic over the past years. I have a newborn and a pretty demanding job, so unfortunately my "hobbies", including this site, suffer as a result. Often I feel bad that my schedule doesn't permit me to to answer emails (especially time-consuming ones), so I have decided to put up some guidelines regarding what kind of emails I can't answer. And here it is: Your probability of getting a reply drops dangerously close to zero if your email is about any of the following:

  • Translation of ancient texts. I speak less than 1% of the languages mentioned on this site, so I don't have the expertise to do any translation, not to mention time and resources.
  • Search for an ancient symbol representing a concept or an idea. Once again it's very time-consuming.

Thank you for understanding.

Ok, enough from my part! You can send emails related to Ancient Scripts to either to the address

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