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Hi there!

So you wanna know who's this guy who looks up ancient writing systems and writes about them on the Internet? Well, my name is Lawrence Lo. I'm NOT a linguist or an archaeologist, but instead I'm a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am very interested in archaeology and linguistics, and even though I do not hold any formal degrees in these fields, I have taken many classes in college and have tried to keep up with the latest developments. Unfortunately since leaving university it has become difficult to access research material in my former alma maters (UC Berkeley is too far away and Stanford charges $$$ for non-students to enter their libraries!), but thankfully the Internet has itself provided me with more resource than possible when I started.

Ancient Scripts is a hobby of mine, originally to keep me from going insane while in Purgatory...I mean Engineering school...but has become a quite passion of mine. I still wouldn't leave computer science (I am pretty compulsive about programming, and has been since 8 years of age), but it's a nice change to do some different and unrelated.

I love to travel to interesting places that are full of history, where hopefully I also get to take nice pictures to put on Ancient Scripts. As a result I end up in museums a lot (thankfully my camera hasn't been confiscated yet). I also like nature, especially deserts, volcanoes, and cuddly animals. The slide show above illustrates some of the places I've been.

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